We believe all Australians deserve to enjoy their best possible retirement

We help make this possible by providing financial guidance and support throughout your retirement journey.


Get advice and support for your big decisions

Our financial advisers provide affordable financial advice, one issue at a time.

Everyone has questions, issues and challenges when it comes to retirement. Which is why we’ve created our cost effective, and easy to try, advice services.

We will give you the knowledge and tools to take the right steps, and avoid common mistakes, so you can maximise your entitlements and manage your retirement finances with confidence.

Maximise your entitlements

Government entitlements are an important foundation for most Australian’s retirement.

So we have simplified the process to get, keep and maximise your Centrelink entitlements.

Our team has handled thousands of claims for the Age Pension and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.  Their knowledge and experience will ensure your claim is prepared on time, correctly and is approved as quickly as possible.

Our team can then guide you through your retirement journey step-by-step.  We can help you get the Age Pension or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.  We can also provide assistance for life’s big financial questions to put your mind at ease and you in control.

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Retirement Essentials is the smart way to apply for your Age Pension

At Retirement Essentials we’ve simplified the process to make it easy for senior Australians to get and keep their Centrelink Entitlements.

If you apply for the Age Pension directly to Centrelink yourself, here’s what you can expect:

  • 100s of complicated questions and confusing forms
  • Multiple visits to a Centrelink office
  • Long queues and wait times

Retirement Essentials provides an easier Age Pension application service:

  • Simple online process
  • Avoid visiting Centrelink
  • Support from Age Pension specialists
    throughout your application process
    Price image retirement
    Price image retirement

    Why use Retirement Essentials?

    Income Retirement Essentials

    Be confident that you’re getting all your Age Pension entitlements.

    Retirement Essentials Support

    Feel supported and in control of your money, Age Pension Specialists are waiting to help you.

    Retirement Essentials Hour Glass

    Saves you time – Apply from the comfort of your own home and at your pace.

    Retirement Essentials
    Retirement Essentials
    333 Google reviews
    Don Sanders
    Don Sanders
    Retirement Essentials did exactly what they promised in applying for, and monitoring progress toward, our age pension. While the actual Centrelink approvals time frame is lengthy, we feel the team at RE did a great job on our behalf and worked it through the system without having to involve us with the nitty gritty details. Lyn and I thank you guys so much and have no hesitation in recommending your services to other. Kind regards Don and Lyn Sanders Dowerin WA
    A very easy experience, good value for money compared to other financial service providers. I believe if i had put in the paperwork i would have ripped myself off.
    James Ludlow
    James Ludlow
    Retirement Essentials handled my Seniors Card application. They were very professional and did a great job taking the pressure of me. I would recommend them hole heartedly and hope to use them again
    Margaret Wall
    Margaret Wall
    An excellent service. Our application to Centrelink was processed as required and we had none of the problems experienced earlier when we tried to do it ourselves. Thank you!
    John Hawkins
    John Hawkins
    Had a very positive outcome for Aged Pension application support from RE. The initial consultation was clearly with someone who knew their stuff which gave me the confidence to engage in their premium support service offering. The service provided addressed my issues and ended well however one annoying issue along the journey was it was very hard to get a response to my emails and follow-up queries/ calls. In fact I had to escalate several times (not an easy task in itself with RE) to get any response. So in summary, for me, it was a valuable service that provided the expert advice I was looking for, just let down by periods of what I would class as poor customer service.
    Cheryl H
    Cheryl H
    Retirement Essentials are worth every cent of their fees and more. The process of applying for an age pension, as a retired farmer, was not easy. After a couple of false starts trying to do it all myself, I went through Retirement Essentials. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. No question was treated as unimportant. I felt like I was their priority, even though they have many other clients, all treated equally, I'm sure. I will be staying with Retirement Essentials for their ongoing support subscription. They are definitely worth it.
    Alana Goodwin
    Alana Goodwin
    Once our application was submitted to Centrelink it was approved in two weeks, however we ended up dealing with Centrelink directly to get it through as Retirement Essentials didn’t provide them with all the paperwork required even though we had provided it to them. Sensitive documents were emailed to them and we always had to follow up that they had been received. A return email to say that they had had received them would have alleviated this concern.
    Barbara Evans
    Barbara Evans
    Fantastic service - dealing with a stressful time, giving me peace of mind. Their knowledge of the system and entitlements very impressive. I have no hesitation recommending Retirement Essentials.
    Denise Leask
    Denise Leask
    We have had a great experience with Retirement Essentials. We thought we had good knowledge of the pension process, however we have learnt so much more from RE and Sam's very efficient and friendly advice. We highly recommend if you are looking for information or to apply for a pension, Retirement Essentials are a definite 'essential' resource for you.

    Learn how our Age Pension Service works in 3 easy steps

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