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Financial Service Guide

This Financial Services Guide is an important document which provides you with information to help you decide whether to use the financial services provided by Retirement Essentials Pty Ltd (Retirement Essentials), (also referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ in this document) and our licensee, SuperEd Pty Ltd ABN 88 118 480 907 AFSL #468859 (SuperEd). It also describes our advice and services, how we are remunerated, any relationships or benefits that could influence the advice we provide to you and how to access our complaints arrangements and privacy policy.

About us

We are an Authorised Representative of SuperEd Pty Ltd providing advice and services to retirees and pre-retirees.

Our details are

Retirement Essentials Pty Ltd, ABN 35 615 383 232, AFS Representative Number: 001260855

Head Office: 100 Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060
Phone: 1300 527 727
Email: hello@retirementessentials.com.au
Website: www.retirementsessentials.com.au

Retirement Essentials is responsible for the financial services and advice provided to you as well as the authorisation of content and distribution of this FSG.  We may give you other documents when providing our services. These may include:

  • Instructions on how to apply for and maintain the Centrelink Age Pension
  • Statements of Advice : If we provide you with advice about your personal circumstances, we will confirm it in a Statement of Advice (SoA). The SoA sets out our personal advice to you, including the scope of our advice, the basis on which the advice is provided, your current personal and financial position, needs and objectives, our advice and the risks associated with implementing our advice, and information on fees, remuneration and associations which may have influenced the provision of the advice provided.  Please note that until such time as you elect to receive a SoA, any preliminary discussions, ideas, thoughts or projections are not intended to be taken as personal advice recommendations you or anyone else should act upon.
  • Product Disclosure Statements : If we recommend that you acquire a financial product, we will also provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). The PDS will provide you with detailed information about the product we have recommended you acquire, including features, benefits, fees and associated risks, and contains important information to help you decide whether or not to buy that product.  

Our Services

We provide advice and assistance to retirees and pre-retirees in relation to their finances in retirement. To provide these services, we are authorised by SuperEd to provide you with financial advice on:

  • superannuation,
  • managed investment schemes,
  • deposit and payment products,
  • securities,
  • government debentures, stocks or bonds,
  • annuities.

After we have advised you, we may also assist you to manage or change your investments and superannuation. We act as your agent when we assist you access your Centrelink entitlements as efficiently as possible. We and SuperEd also act for you when giving advice on and arranging financial products.

 Limits on the advice that we can provide

Our advice and services are tailored to super fund members and retirement planning.  There are a number of areas you may require advice on which may be outside of the services we offer. We will make the scope of any advice or information we provide you very clear as well as highlighting any implications.  Overall we cannot assist you or advise you in any way with: 

  • general insurance, 
  • personal and business risk insurance, or life insurance (other than annuity products),
  • derivatives or foreign exchange,
  • real estate and direct property advice,
  • taxation services, such as completion of tax returns,
  • accounting and audit services,
  • estate planning professionals such as a solicitor,
  • legal services,
  • administration and compliance of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, and
  • credit product advice such as mortgage or finance broking.

Any products recommended are limited to the products we have researched and can recommend.

How can you deal with us

You can deal with us via our website (www.retirementessentials.com.au), by phone on 1300 527 727 during business hours (9am-6pm Monday to Friday AEST) or emailing hello@retirementessentials.com.au.

It is important that you provide us with complete and accurate information about your circumstances and you take the time to check any assumptions we make and the basis for our advice. It is also important that you keep us informed of any major changes in your circumstances. If you don’t our advice or services may not be appropriate for your needs.

How we are paid

We charge simple, transparent set fees. We do not charge you based on a percentage of your assets.

 Our current standard fee schedule as at Feb 2020



Application Fee* 

Age Pension Members



*Incl. GST

We are committed to clearly informing you of our fees before you sign up for our service.

Our fees may change from time to time. You can view our current fee schedule on our website.

SuperEd does not receive any remuneration from us that is a direct consequence of the services we provide to you. SuperEd provide us with certain back office and administration services for which we pay them a commercial fee.

Who we pay


Employees and directors can be remunerated by a combination of salary and dividends and benefits based on quality of advice and services and business growth of SuperEd. Neither we nor our employees receive commission or other benefits from anyone in connection with the advice we provide you.


If you were referred to us, we may pay a referral fee to the organisation who referred you to us. We will tell you the amount, if any, in your Statement of Advice. Members who join us via organisations with whom we have alliance partnerships or referral arrangements with may be eligible for discounted fees and services.

Relationships, associations And and other benefits we may receive

SuperEd may receive additional benefits from product providers. These benefits may include education, training, meals and events provided at the cost of the product providers. These are not of a material nature and do not influence our advice to you.

SuperEd does not have any associations or relationships, other than those already disclosed, that might reasonably be expected to be capable of influencing the advice we provide to you and our clients.

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance

SuperEd has professional indemnity insurance in place which covers it and us for any errors or mistakes relating to our financial services. This insurance meets the requirements of the Corporations Act and covers the services provided by our employees after they cease working with us provided we notify the insurer of the claim when it arises and this is done within the relevant policy period.

What to do if you have a complaint

If you wish to complain about our services, you can contact our Complaints Officer by emailing us at hello@retirementessentials.com.au or calling us on 1300 527 727. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint immediately, and attempt to resolve it within 45 days.

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive or your complaint cannot be resolved within the 45 day business days, you have the right to contact the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). AFCA is an ASIC-approved external dispute resolution body and provides fair and independent financial services complaint resolution that is free to consumers.  Their contact details are as follows:

Email: info@afca.org.au

Website: www.afca.org.au

In Writing: GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: 1800 931 678 (Free call)

You may also contact the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) by phoning +61 3 5177 3988 or 1300 300 630 to make a complaint and obtain information about your rights.

Your consent

By asking us to assist with your financial affairs, you consent to the collection and use of the information you have provided to us for the purposes described above.

Tell us what you think

We can be contacted at:

Email: compliance@supered.com.au
Post: 100 Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060

What personal information do we collect and disclose?

At Retirement Essentials we take your privacy very seriously. We collect your personal information, and information relating to your partner, to enable us to provide our services to you, including assisting you to apply for and keep your Centrelink Age Pension and related entitlements, as well as advising you on your financial circumstances, goals and strategies. We may ask you to consent to the collection of sensitive information, such as your race and ethnicity, in order to complete government applications. Generally, we will collect your information in application forms and webforms relating to our services. We provide your information to the government agencies and the financial product issuers with whom you choose to deal (and their representatives). If you don’t provide us with full information, we can’t properly advise or assist you with your financial services needs, and we may not be able to fully complete any government application forms on your behalf. This may put your application at risk of refusal.

We do not trade, rent or sell your information. We also do not disclose your information to overseas recipients. 

How we protect your privacy

We and our technology service providers ensure that any cloud hosted data services we use to maintain our members’ data within Australian based data centres. Our Customer Contact Centre is based in Australia and staffed by Australians.

For more information about how to access the information we hold about you, how to have it corrected and how to complain if you think we have breached the privacy law, obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy here, email us at hello@retirementessentials.com.au, or call us on 1300 527 727.

We will update our Privacy Policy from time to time.

Where you have provided us information about another individual, you must make them aware of that fact and the contents of this privacy statement.

About SuperEd

SuperEd is focused on helping super fund members plan for their retirement by providing help, education and advice. Retirement Essentials has partnered with SuperEd to bring assistance to everyday Australian retirees and pre-retirees.

Telephone:           (02) 8282 2982

Email:                    info@supered.com.au

Website:                www.supered.com.au

Distribution of this FSG has been authorised by SuperEd.

Date of Preparation: 1 February 2020