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“What do I need for my age pension application?”

As you move through our application you will be asked for information that may not be top of mind. For a quicker application experience it will be helpful to have some documents handy.


Have these documents handy

  1. Passport
  2. Tax File Number
  3. Superannuation statement
  4. Bank account statement
  5. Investment property details, if you have one
  6. Statements for any shares you hold

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Lodging Your Application

Once your application is finalised our Age Pension Specialists will get you ready to lodge it online. Then Retirement Essentials will take over and look after the rest for you.

Getting your application approved by Centrelink still takes time but with help from our Age Pension Specialists they will keep things moving along and also respond to questions on your behalf.

Ultimately this means you don’t have the stress of dealing with Centrelink by yourself.

It really is just that simple! If you have been putting off applying for your Age Pension because you’ve heard horror stories about dealing with Centrelink then why not go ahead and try Retirement Essentials?