Understanding more about Super

Common queries about super:

After the Age Pension, superannuation is the most important source of income in retirement for most Australians.  There are many things you can do with your super that can improve your income in retirement.  It can help to have access to someone that knows the rules, tips and tricks.  

Our consultation will help you answer one or two of the most common questions about super in retirement, including: 

  • When can I access my superannuation?
  • How do I maximise my Age Pension when I also have super?
  • Should I use my super to pay off my mortgage?
  • How much should I draw down from my super?
  • How can I make my super last longer?
  • Should I withdraw my super?
  • How should I invest my super?
  • Are there any tips and tricks that could get me more Age Pension or other entitlements?
  • Can I contribute to super when I have retired?
  • What are the tax advantages of super when I have retired?


What our customers have said about us on this topic in consultations:

-Sharon had the answers to all our questions and spoke without all the jargon used by most academics; everything was crystal clear.

-Particularly liked the calming nature of Sharon, her knowledge base was inspirational to us

-The service I received was absolutely wonderful. Nicole’s knowledge is superb, she is also wise, insightful and helpful. I learned exactly what I needed to do.

-The consultant, Nicole, answered all the questions we had very clearly and we had the opportunity to check our understanding with relevant questions. Additionally extra information to links to external web sites was emailed very promptly saving us hours of searching.

-Nicole was so easy to discuss things with from lifestyle to the hard dollar stuff. My fears of erring somehow or missing something were put to bed – sleep easy

-Pros and cons of each Super Strategies were listed for comparisons.

-Nicole knows her way around this very tricky subject and it was good to talk to her. She was able to answer all our questions.

Want help?

Not everyone wants to use online tools to answer these important questions. If you would like to use this service you can book a consultation with one of our advisers. We charge $330 (inc. GST) for a 55 minute video consultation.

Want help?

If you would like to understand more, then book a consultation with one of our advisers. We charge $330 (inc. GST) for a 55 minute video consultation.


Your super in retirement

In retirement, we need to think a little differently about income. It’s not just salary, interest, dividends and capital gains. It’s the Age Pension if you’re entitled. And very importantly, it’s understanding how the Age Pension works with your super, how to invest and use your super to pay for your retirement.

Understanding more about Super

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