Free flu shots

flu season is officially upon us, so it’s important to protect your health as rigorously as possible.

When is a loan a gift?

How can gifting affect your Age Pension entitlements?

Superannuation – the third pillar

put simply, after the Age Pension, superannuation is the most important source of income for retirees.

What of those who rent in retirement?

Can renters afford to live on the Age Pension?

Election 2022: What’s in it for older Australians?

As we head into the final week of the Federal Election campaign, many voters by now will be totally ‘over’ the promises, the rhetoric and the shouty debates. Yet many older Australians are also keenly interested in understanding the policy detail that affects them the...

Making the most of your home

Boosting your retirement income is the main aim for most retirees.

Are you Centrelink savvy?

This week we are sharing details on the Age Pension application process as well as the maximisation of entitlements. We are doing this because Australia’s Age Pension provides at least partial retirement income to 80% of Australians by the time they are in their 80s.

Deeming rates frozen

Both parties have promised to freeze deeming rates

CSHC thresholds to rise

The Government has announced an expansion of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) for 50,000 self-funded retirees

Can retirees beat inflation?

The largest rise in inflation for 20 years could hurt older Australians