You could be eligible for up to

$12,000 extra pension per year

John and Carols recent consultation led to significant increases in their entitlements

John and Carol met with Megan recently.  John 67 had just retired whilst Carol 62 was still enjoying working part time earning $15,000 pa.  Carol said she would work until age 67.  They own their own home with no mortgage.

John and Carol wanted to make sure they had enough money to live on in retirement and after meeting with Megan were pleasantly surprised to find that by transferring some of their money to Carol’s super, they could receive higher Age Pension entitlements than they were currently receiving. Megan showed them that transferring $250,000 to Carol could get them an extra $10,368* in the first year increasing more each year until Carol retires in 5 years.

Could you benefit by re-organising your household assets?

Can transferring assets help you maximise your Age Pension entitlements?

    It may if the younger individual in the relationship is under 67 years old and their superannuation is still in an accumulation account

    There are a few things to consider including:

    • The younger partner must be under Age Pension age
    • Is the younger spouse under the maximum contribution limits?
    • What are the tax implications for the younger partner’s super?

    Retirement Essentials’ financial advisers want to help you maximise your entitlements

    Our Strategy Consultation – $330

    Talking with our financial advisers on a 55 minute video call consultation will:

    • Answer your retirement planning questions addressing concerns you may have
    • Review and compare your retirement plans
    • Show you how much you can safely spend throughout your retirement, to avoid running out of money
    • Identify changes you could consider to improve your retirement outcomes
    • Discuss the tradeoffs and considerations that you should think about
    • Provide you with your strategy and action plan after the meeting

    We charge $330 upfront for strategy consultations with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.

    Act now and make your savings work harder for you.

    If you know you are eligible to receive an Age Pension, or even could be, you should get help.

    Each day that you put off taking this step equates to valuable Pension dollars that you are missing out on.

    Simply select a date and time that suits you and book in a consultation!


    Feedback from our customers

    “Website provided clarity of purpose of the advice consultation. It was easy to book an online appointment, and the fee was fair. Joining the online video meeting was easy. Nicole was very helpful in providing relevant information and I understood it was general advice, however, it was very helpful and did clear up some misunderstandings that I had about the Centrelink process.”

    “Megan answered my questions in a precise and easy to understand manner. She was very knowledgeable, and I found the portal screen easy to understand.”

    “Nicole answered all of our questions to our satisfaction and provided additional insights regarding other options we had not considered, full marks.”