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Feel supported and in control knowing that a financial planner is here to help you.

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Why use a financial planner?

Empowerment – piece of mind you are in control of your finances

Comfort – You know you have someone to speak to

Clarity – you understand the rules and how they apply to you.

Confidence – you understand how your super and investments work.

Reassurance – you have the support to plan the future you envisage.

Financial Wellbeing – options to maximise your entitlements.

Our Consultation

Talking with our Financial Planners during a 45 minute online consultation will:

  • Provide you with the opportunity to ask questions to understand if you are on the right track.
  • Help you feel reassured that you can plan the future you envisage.
  • Have confidence in knowing that you have a clear understanding of the rules and impacts for you.
  • Explore options available to you for your next steps.

We charge $150 upfront for our consultation discussion

Get the most out of retirement

Whether you are in retirement or still planning your journey, getting the right advice can help you take control of your future, and give you peace-of-mind you are making the best decisions for you.

Superannuation and retirement planning has a reputation for being complicated. Sometimes you just want some clarity. You just want to makes sense of the rules. It can benefit you to have someone help guide you.

We have fully qualified financial planners who are able to provide information and guidance when it comes to your retirement planning questions, such as:

  • How does my super work and what do I need to do with it now?
  • Can I make any changes to maximize social security entitlements?
  • I still have a mortgage. Would I get higher Age Pension entitlements if I paid off my mortgage?
  • How is my superannuation invested and/or how do I figure out how my superannuation should be invested?
  • How can I use my super to create income payments in retirement?
  • What happens to my financial situation if I downsize my home?
  • How can I contribute to super?
    Provide guidance on retirement spending and how long you might expect your money to last.
  • If I give money to my children, how will that impact my Age Pension entitlements?