Understanding Investing

Understanding Investing

There are many ways to invest your retirement savings. Some have the potential for high returns but require you to also take on more higher levels of risk. This consultation will help you to understand your own personal tolerance for investment risk and the investment options that best meet your risk tolerance and retirement goals. After the consultation we will send you a strategy paper providing a review of your current and the alternative approach.

Are you a risk taker?

Understand how your tolerance for risk will impact your retirement outcome.


Understand the benefits of having a mix of investments.

Compare and contrast investment strategies

See if an alternative investment strategy can achieve your goals.

Want help?

Not everyone wants to use online tools to answer these important questions. If you would like to use this service you can book a consultation with one of our advisers. We charge $330 (inc. GST) for a 55 minute consultation.

“This is a great service”
Dorothy Mckay

Central Coast, NSW