We asked – This is what you told us

A few weeks ago we asked our readers what they thought about the idea of a universal age pension.  The results were overwhelming.  More people responded to the survey and commented on our article than any other piece we have ever written.  If you want to read the article again, or missed out the first time, you can find it here.  

What is it again?

In very simple terms a universal age pension would mean that a full Age Pension would be granted to everyone that met the age and residency requirements.  No more asset or income tests or part pensions.

What did you think about it?

We received lots and lots of comments and overwhelmingly people seemed to be in favour of the idea. The reasons people were in favour included:

  • Why should people that have saved for retirement be penalised for doing so?
  • The Government might actually save some money by eliminating a lot of the bureaucracy. This is what happened in New Zealand
  • People that paid taxes all their life felt they were entitled to get something back from the Government

Even people that were against the idea wanted to see more of the discounts received by Age Pensioners extended to other Seniors.

The survey results were very compelling with well over 2000 readers responding:

  • 90.2% of people overall were in favour of a universal Age Pension
  • 98% of people on the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) were in favour and
  • 82% of people that already had the Age Pension were in favour of all Seniors of eligibility age getting it

As you can see from the results it wasn’t just those that weren’t eligible to receive the pension that were in favour.  While some wealthy people don’t really need it there was clearly a view that a simpler system benefiting all was preferable to the very complicated one we have right now.

Unfortunately, we still have a very complicated system that trips up a lot of people so if you need any help to apply for the Age Pension, or the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, you can get started by checking your eligibility here.

Please let us know what you think by commenting below.