The Age Pension is something that many senior Australians are looking forward to getting when they retire.

But sadly, the process of accessing the Pension is currently filled with unnecessary hurdles like laborious paperwork and long wait times.

There are even cases of seniors waiting months only to find out that Centrelink had already incorrectly declined their pension, without notifying them.

So when people discover Retirement Essentials and how we help seniors easily apply and get access to their entitlements, they usually feel a sense of relief.

When we interviewed Mimi Brodie from Queensland, she said was just amazed at how easy it was for Retirement Essentials to prepare the paperwork and supporting information needed for Centrelink to process her application.

“When I went to Centrelink, I had all the information with me. I just handed it to someone. They didn’t even really look at it and then just said “Oh, yes, this will be processed. That was that,” Mimi said.

She further shared her experience on the fast approval of her pension.

“I lodged my application on the 23rd of August and my pension came through on the 5th of September,” Mimi said. “Then the pension arrived and it was backdated incidentally to the date that I lodged it.”

Mimi now recommends Retirement Essentials to seniors who find it difficult to access their Pension.

“If you are organised with your documentation it’s easy for Retirement Essentials to look after your application,” Mimi said.

You can watch the full video of Mimi’s interview below.

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