Not everyone is aware that they may have a Centrelink debt. The Department of Social Security (DSS) paused debt activity in August 2021 to alleviate hardship, with many parts of the country in lockdown due to the Delta outbreak. This pause is scheduled to be lifted next week, on January 9, 2022.

You have until the new financial year (July 2022) to repay your debt. Those who were overpaid and haven’t yet been advised will receive a letter in January 2022, stating the amount of the debt. This advice will arrive by post or in your MyGov inbox.

You may request a hold on your debt and if Centrelink agrees  this debt remains on hold until the new financial year. You do not need to do anything until then.

If you wish to learn more about Centrelink debt and how to repay it, click here.

Remember, you can always challenge a debt, or ask for it to be reviewed. You are also entitled to counselling services if this is necessary.

If you have any other concerns about Centrelink entitlements, visit our free eligibility calculator or book a consultation with one of our experienced service team.