Recently we had a chat with one elderly couple who said they wish someone had pulled them aside when they started their application journey and shared this information with them. It would have saved a ton of time and literally thousands of dollars. So we’re sharing the important information so that you don’t waste your valuable time and money.

Here it is…

Most Pension applicants assume that applying for their application with Centrelink, be it online or in person is the smartest way to apply for the pension. It’s perfectly understandable why people might feel that way, applying with Centrelink is free. Or at least, it appears that way. You see there is a catch most people just don’t know about.
If you apply for the Age Pension through Centrelink it can take up to six months to start receiving your payments. And that’s assuming you’re a successful applicant.

Many people are shocked to find out it takes so long for Centrelink to process applications, (sadly, many are not) but here’s the big secret – At Retirement Essentials, we’ve streamlined the whole process. Through our easy to use online resource, we provide you with all your completed documentation which is key to getting your Pension approved faster and easier.

And what’s the result of using Retirement Essentials?

After applying online with us our customers are getting their Age Pension payments on average six to eight weeks later. That’s much faster than most experience when they apply directly through Centrelink.
If you are entitled to a full Age Pension at $926 at fortnight, you can see how much money you can potentially lose by waiting with the ‘free’ Centrelink service…

Ultimately, that’s what it’s about. Retirement Essentials is here to give you the helping hand you need to get your approval finalised quickly, saving you time and money.

Now you might have some questions – and that’s great – Feel free to have a chat with our team Age Pension Specialists just call 1300 527 727.

Applying for the Pension is important, so do think about it. Does it make sense for you to Apply With Retirement Essentials?