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A popular question often posed of celebrities is what they would share as ‘advice to their younger selves’. The answers can make fascinating reading, with a strong thread of ‘never give up’ ‘believe in yourself’ and ‘honour your dreams’ usually featuring. 

Today we pose a similar question to you, but it’s not about your career or achievements. Rather, it’s about the way you have approached saving for your retirement.

This, of course, can be a minefield. You might be inclined to view this question as a judgement on how financially ‘successful’ you have been, particularly in your own eyes. 

But this is not the point at all. Most older Australians are painfully aware that it is often not their own actions, rather the parents they ‘chose’, the level of education they were able to access and a myriad of other factors that combine to create a life course, either advantage or not. 

Some people get a head start

Some people have a seemingly blessed start, with wealthy family, and then appear to take off from there, enjoying tertiary education, well paid work and solid wealth.

Others seem to have a less than ideal start and struggle to rise above the need to simply cover household costs, let alone acquire property or invest.

Still others may rise above a disadvantaged start – or hit financial turbulence because of poor health, family estrangement and many other reasons.

And then, in between the extremes, lie the vast bulk of Australian retirees who have done their best with what they were given, yet still believe that they need more to fund a reasonable retirement.

So today we are trying to learn more about the way that you saved for retirement and if you had your time over, what you might change.

We’re asking this question in the March 2023 Retirement Pulse and we will share the results in early April, as they can offer great insights for all retirees who often question whether they could have done something differently. Or whether they still might?

Please take the five minutes needed to respond to our survey and we will look forward to analysing and resharing the results week beginning 3 April.

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