Introducing Sharon

Sharon joined Retirement Essentials as a financial planner in October 2022 and has more than 20 years’ experience in financial planning.  

Sharon’s passion is helping people and throughout her career found there are many different reasons that people seek financial advice. These include:

  • not knowing who to listen to or what to believe
  • a desire to cut through the ‘noise’ about retirement income
  • wishing to simply be able to sleep at night
  • a fear of the unknown attached to differing strategies.

Sharon’s role allows her to work one-on-one with members who are keen to solve their income problems through a better understanding of the rules and how they are applied.

She says that a common response after a consultation is the thank you she normally receives, often with the sentiment, ‘I’m so relieved, thank you, it’s really helped’.

Feedback from customers:

“Sharon was very professional and insightful. She clearly explained to me some further options on our retirement journey into the future. I (and) my wife will certainly follow up with further advice from your company.”

“Sharon clearly explained several scenarios that l presented during the consultation which has made my retirement planning concerns being reduced with a definite direction to move forward.”

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