The Age Pension has been the foundation of Australia’s retirement income system with around 77% of Australians over the age of 65 receiving income support.

Many senior Australians rely on the Age Pension to make ends meet, but the process for application is often criticised as a “nightmare” because of the tedious process and long wait times.

While the average wait time for the Age Pension claim to be processed is 49 days, many retirees have to wait longer than 84 days, and sometimes only to be rejected.

This was the case with Chris, from the Sydney Hills District, who first applied for his Age Pension with Centrelink in August last year.

He said, “The whole process was very laborious.

“When it came to loading my supporting documents, it was hard to keep track of what had been uploaded and what hadn’t.

“I wasn’t surprised when Centrelink refused my application. I was still very disappointed and frustrated though.

“I called Centrelink and visited their office but no one wanted to help me understand if I was eligible for a Pension.”

He did some more research online and found that he wasn’t alone in his frustrations with Centrelink. Eventually he found Retirement Essentials. After using our quick and easy calculator, he found he was in fact eligible for the Age Pension.

Centrelink had made a mistake. They incorrectly declined his Pension application.

He applied a second time through the Retirement Essentials website.

Chris says, “I found relief through Retirement Essentials. They helped me streamline the Age Pension application process, and got my Pension approved where Centrelink couldn’t.”

Chris received his Age Pension approval four weeks later, and has been spreading the word about his wonderful experience with Retirement Essentials ever since.

Have you had a similar experience with Centrelink wrongly declining your Age Pension application? You can share your story in the comments section below.

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