Patience is a virtue.

But why wait for months to get your Age Pension if there’s a faster option? 

The current average wait time for an Age Pension approval is 49 days, but there are stories of seniors waiting much longer for their entitlements. 

The ‘ridiculous’ Age Pension process is one of the reasons why Retirement Essentials was established. 

Since launching our business in February 2018, we have helped hundreds of everyday senior Australians people get their Age Pension approved faster and with a lot less stress.

It is heart-warming to know that our work is making a difference in the lives of our customers. We recently received a thank you note via email from our customer John Pearson: 

Good morning Allyson,

It would seem that the saga has finally come to an end – in a good way.

Two days ago, I decided to visit Centrelink to enquire in person as to the status of my application. 

After the obligatory sojourn in the “hall of hope and disappointment”, a very nice lady checked our details and confirmed that the application was still “live”. 

She said she would record details of my enquiry in the Human Services black hole machine and bid me farewell.  I left at least satisfied that the radar still retained a residual blip with our name on it and returned home.

Almost magically, 2 hours later, I received a phone call from an equally friendly lady from Human Service who said “we really need to get your application completed don’t we” I readily and enthusiastically agreed – She said she would process the application later that day. 

Based on previous experience I was not optimistic but checked MyGov anyway and to my surprise and relief, it’s done. This morning our bank balance is noticeably healthier.

The purpose of this note is to thank you for all the work you have done on our behalf.  

We believed that we were well prepared and had planned carefully for our retirement, the financial component of which was based on a well-researched contribution from Centrelink so that we could protect ourselves and do “the right thing”. 

I did not appreciate how much emotional impact there would be from the prolonged uncertainty of having to struggle with Centrelink before we could move on with our plans.  

You standing by our side and providing quiet and measured reassurance made such a difference and we are sincerely grateful for that – You are the good guys.

I look forward to your invoice for services rendered.  If there is anything I can do to contribute in any other way – provide an endorsement, use “my story” or any other way of promoting the excellent and sensitive service you offer, please let me know

Thank you again 

Kind regards 

John Pearson

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