Many senior Australians are now facing unnecessary hurdles to access the Age Pension entitlements they rely on to cover their living expenses.

The laborious paperwork, the long wait times, and the complex process all seems unfair in a country like Australia. This is even harder to accept when these people have worked hard and paid taxes their whole life.

In one study we released last year with National Seniors Australia (NSA), we discovered that 67% of respondents were dissatisfied with the online pathways that Centrelink offer for age pension application.

When we interviewed Chris, a senior from Sydney Hills District, he said that the whole process was very laborious.

“I wasn’t surprised when Centrelink refused my application. I was still very disappointed and frustrated though,” he added. 

Chris did some research online and found Retirement Essentials who assisted him to apply for Age Pension a second time.

He also liked that he only had to deal with one person at Retirement Essentials. This person was easy to contact.

Chris felt a new level of confidence when he received all his completed Age Pension forms

in the mail plus the checklist of supporting documents he needed to provide.

After only four weeks, Chris received his Age Pension approval, and he has been spreading the word about his wonderful experience with Retirement Essentials ever since.

Chris reckons, “I found relief through Retirement Essentials. They helped me streamline the Age Pension application process, and got my pension approved where Centrelink couldn’t.”

Have you experienced similar hurdles when you were applying for Age Pension with Centrelink? You can share your story in the comments section below.

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