Customer Review - Retirement Pulse

Services Australia workers are gearing up for a 24-hour strike next week, leaving many Australians wondering about the impact on Centrelink payments and services. The strike, scheduled for Monday, October 9, is a response to a government pay rise offer that has sparked discontent among staff.

This strike follows a series of work bans and a one-hour stop-work action that occurred in August. Meanwhile, Centrelink wait times have been on the rise, increasing from an average of 14 minutes in 2021-22 to 20 minutes in the current financial year, according to government figures.

Despite the strike action, Centrelink recipients can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their payments will not be affected. Services Australia’s general manager, Hank Jongen, assured the public that preparations are being made to minimise potential disruptions to customers.

For the short term at least Retirement Essentials expects wait and processing times at Centrelink to get even longer as staff cope with both the current backlog and the further impact of the strike. We can’t speed up Centrelink but we can help you get your application into the queue as quickly as possible if you need any assistance.