Retirement Essentials is excited to release an animated video that explains how our Age Pension Application service helps senior Australians. It’s the new, smarter way to apply for the Age Pension.

We have also included a text transcript (below) of the audio for the hearing impaired. Feel free to leave any thoughts or questions in the comments box below.

Regards, Retirement Essentials Team


Important news for Australian seniors.

If you want access to the Age Pension, now or in the future, there’s something you should know…

If you’re worried about qualifying for the pension;

If you’re stressed about how difficult it is to apply; 

Or if you’re frustrated going backwards and forwards with Centrelink, at last there’s a solution.

Introducing, Retirement Essentials.

Retirement Essentials is an Australian member-based service that gives everyday seniors access to affordable financial advice.  We offer a new, smarter way to get – and keep – your Age Pension entitlements.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Check your entitlements
  2. Start your application by answering simple step-by-step questions on our website
  3. Talk to us when you need help. Age Pension specialists are waiting on the phone to guide you
  4. Finish your remaining questions
  5. Then receive your completed forms in the post from us in two days  
  6. Now you’re ready to submit your application with just ONE visit to a Centrelink office  

It’s an easy-to-use website that’s supported with the kind of phone-based customer service Aussie seniors deserve. We make applying for your Age Pension a positive experience:

  • Save you time
  • No more confusing paperwork
  • Avoid Centrelink queues (do it from the comfort of your own home!)
  • Feel supported & ‘in control’
  • you’re getting all that you’re entitled to

Our members LOVE it, and you will too. 

  • A Licensed, professional service
  • That’s Confidential & Secure and
  • And Comes with a Moneyback guarantee

To learn more about the new, smarter way to apply for the Age Pension, visit