It is well known that the purpose of the Age Pension is to provide income support to older eligible Australians who need it.  In many instances this is the only source of income for pensioners, or in the case of those with a larger amount of money, a supplement to help them cope with the costs of living.

Senior Australians continue to be subject to legislative changes that affect their entitlements to the Age Pension and their Superannuation.  These changes create tremendous uncertainty and anxiety for older Australians.  In our recent research groups, pensioners have voiced concerns about relying on the Government to keep their promises to support them in their older years.

As an organisation that supports older Australians to get and keep their Age Pension entitlements, we welcome any changes that provide more certainty and predictability for those planning for, and already in retirement.

Today’s announcement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to scrap Government plans to raise pension age to 70 is a positive one.  We would certainly not support delaying support payments to those who need it, especially those who have worked hard and are entitled to these support payments.

The pension age has already started going up from 65 years.  People turning 66 in the first half of the next year will have to wait to July to qualify.

Graph age table

As Age Pension Specialists, we understand how complicated this can all be which is why we try to give our members as much information as possible so that they can confidently get what they are entitled to.  If you have questions about Age Pension related issues, we’d love to hear from you. Simply please us a call on 1300 527 727 or  email us at

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