How Tom turned $6 into thousands

The team at Retirement Essentials doesn’t believe in ‘get rich quick’ schemes. We’re more impressed by slow and steady wealth creation.

But we do recognise the significant financial gains there are to be made by those who understand Centrelink rules. And use these rules to maximise their entitlements.

Take the case of Tom, for example.

He’s a single homeowner with total assessable assets of $594,000.  This means he exceeds his maximum threshold of $593,000 and this makes him ineligible to receive the Age Pension.

Among his assessable assets is a 1990 Toyota Corolla that he has valued at $4,000.  This is a bit high and it is likely he would only get about $1,000 if forced to sell his car.  If instead, he valued his car at the more accurate amount of $1,000 he would be eligible to receive a very small part Age Pension.  He would only get $6 a fortnight, or  $156 a year.

Not a lot on the face of it.

BUT,  Tom would also receive the pension supplement of $38.30 a fortnight and the energy supplement of $14.10 a fortnight.  As well as be entitled to the Pension Concession Card. So in total he has missed out on $52.40 a fortnight, or $995.80 a year on supplements alone, just by overvaluing his much loved, but not very valuable, 1990 Corolla.

The extra value attached to a Pension Concessions Card is hard to define, as it will vary from individual to individual, but it does offer discounts on:

  • cheaper medicine,
  • bulk billed GP visits,
  • bigger refunds for medical costs and help with
  • hearing services.

In addition to individual State and Territory offers a range of discounts on services including public transport, rates and utilities.  These discounts and refunds will save Tom a further two to three thousand dollars a year.

In summary, the simple revaluation of Tom’s car has led to his eligibility for a part pension of $156,  plus nearly $1,000 in supplements, plus the PCC, conservatively worth an extra $2000 per year as well.  $3,000+ extra income every year has given Tom some much needed financial security.

So why not check what your entitlements might be and remember .. don’t overvalue your personal assets.

You can find our free calculator here.