The Department of Human Services (DHS) has recently announced that Centrelink will stop the Intent to Claim starting 1 July 2018, which can further delay the processing of Age Pension entitlements.

Prior to the new policy, you could file an ‘intent to claim’ either online and in person to inform Centrelink that you’re seeking a payment or concession card – before you submit the actual claim form with the attached documents.

Senior Australians eligible for Age Pension will no longer be able to submit an ‘intent to claim’ for certain payments and concession cards. The claim form will soon be required to be filled out completely, with all supporting documents attached before Centrelink can start processing the claim.

No More Backdated Age Pension Payments

It can take some time to process claims, so traditionally Centrelink has provided a ‘backdating’ allowance to cover for any delays. Until now, the DHS backdated the pension payments if you signed up online and you had submitted all your claim paperwork within 14 days of registering the claim intent.

However, with the new policy, the claim cannot proceed without all complete documents upfront. Once your claim is successful, you will get a payment or concession card issued from the date you submitted your complete claim. Centrelink will no longer pay you from the date you started your claim or contacted them about your claims.

To manage the transition, Centrelink will help existing customers (who have started an online claim between June 17th and June 30th, 2018) to complete their claim within 14 days, so they can be paid from the date they have started the claim.

What Can You Do?

Centrelink rule changes are unavoidable; however, assistance is available with the Retirement Essentials Age Pension application service.

Retirement Essentials can help you prepare your application, and avoid ‘backwards and forwards’ with Centrelink, so that you can file your application quickly

Also, did you know?

You can submit your Age Pension application 13 weeks before you reach Age Pension age.

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Aside from getting your Age Pension, we can also help you keep your entitlements by:

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  • Informing you of government changes that affect your Age Pension
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